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Your Self Reliant Lifestyle
Depends Upon Careful Preparation, Skills & Fortitude
Steering away from a world where people depend upon others for nearly everything to that of self sufficient living strengthens one's ability to thrive no matter what the challenge or environment.
Always consider security, life safety and sustainability into the plan. If you plan on being mostly on your own you must provide everything.
Create Your Homestead
Self Reliance
Build a Team, a community, no matter how self reliant we become we always need a support network.
You must build knowledge and wisdom based on skills that are not dependent upon high technology.
Learning the skills that allow you to rely upon yourself builds confidence and makes you more valuable as part of a team in the event of a crisis whatever that is.
are the roots from which
True Sustainable Survival springs.
True survival is not derived from the barrel of a gun, the point of a knife, or brute force.
It requires a combination of wisdom not knowledge (see article), planning, preparation and a carefully developed and practiced set of specialized skills.
Survival Mindset
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Join Will from a Preparedness & Self Reliance Mini-Course @ Month
Will is the primary co-host of
South Jersey Survival Skills Meetup.
It meets the first Monday of each month in Williamstown, NJ.
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There is no disaster when you are prepared™ was created to foster a move toward self reliance; a thoughtful reasoned approach to Survivalism and Preparedness. True survival and security is not found at the end of a gun, it is found through practiced skills and tested knowledge.
As Will; PracticeSelfReliance's founder, always says,
“Self Reliance is the doorway to Survival !™”.
Accidents happen even under normal conditions at home and work.
So why suffer?  Why not prepare for them so they are just minor annoyances, not major disasters?
Philosophy & Sociology
Core Survival Skills
The key to altering your survival quotient  PracticeSelfReliance's CoreTraining focuses on:
"Kit Culture©" and "Kits for Life™" Team Building



Health Matters 
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Ticks and Other
Insect Vector-Borne Health Risks
TEOTOWAKI Will Never Happen
The 3's of Survival Are Worthless Tripe
Knowledge Is NOT Power !!
Learn What Is
Anti-Government & Other
Counter Productive Attitudes
Radioactive Fallout in Water Soon to Hit
the West Coast of the USA and Canada
Prudent Steps to Prepare
Hot - Breaking Topics & News
Do you have a Faraday Cage?
Earthquakes Happen Everyday What Should You Know?
Earthquake Live Feed Interactive Map
Never Heat Food or Water in Plastic
With Recycle Codes 1, 3, or 7
PETE or PVC Plastic NEVER !!
What should you do if you breakdown on the highway?
Comfort & Routine Is Your Survival
Military Styled BugOut Plans Don't Work
I Choose the Country Lifestyle
Urban or Rural?
If You BugOut Without A Plan
You Are A Refugee
Winter Travel in Your Vehicle? Have a Kit
If the roads are flooded what should you do?
I came around the corner right into a giant puddle
Now what should I do?

If You Are Away From Home Be Prepared
You Might Not Be Able to Get Home
Water - What You Need to Know
Silver Solutions the Good, the Bad and the Facts
Understand Social Order and Teamwork
If You Want to Survive a Disaster - Sociology 101
Everything You Need to Know to be a Leader
Colloidial or Ionic Silver
Urban Dweller Perspectives on Survival
Learn How to Cut Your WayThrough the BS and Get the True Facts
Outdoor & Hiking Survival Skills & Tips
General Preparedness Tips & Skills
For Personal Home & Businesses
Urban Dwelling Requires
Special Survival Skills Every Day
Things That You Need to Know
If You Are A Hunter or Survivalist
If You Are A Prepper
These Skills Are For You
Do You Drive Your 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle
Off Road? Then Check Out
Will's Wheeling Our Companion Site
If you really want to survive, You need to understand how to build a team, lead it, create a societal structure, and history
Understand water; What you need, How stay hydrated, How to harvest it, How to carry it, How to Treat, Filter, and Purify It
Every time that you get into your vehicle; car, truck, van, etc. You are at risk. Even in the parking lot. Before you go on the road prepare and educate yourself.
Find Lots of Great Information
From Governmental Sources
Environmental, Legal, Government, & More
Building Team / Community 
Kits & Bags 
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